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Criminal Lawyer Pattaya Thailand

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The Thai criminal system and the procedures in criminal cases (penal law) are, in most cases, profoundly different while compared to the legal procedures of western countries. The mediation stage and the heavy reductions of the sentences in case of admittance of the charges, are concepts and procedures practically unknown in the West.
A perfect understanding between the defendant and the lawyer, as a perfect comprehension of the unrolling of the case in Thailand are therefore of paramount importance, especially in a criminal trial where, even an apparently insignificant detail, could entail to a consistent different result.

Our multilingual law firm, listed and well known by the British, French and Italian Embassies, provides court defence with the personal assistance in court of Dr. Carlo Filippo Ciambrelli, official and experienced court-interpreter with over 25 years of practice as legal translator in criminal cases.