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What is this website about? Lawyer and Thai law. Where? In Pattaya and all Thai Provinces. Why? To rapidly find legal solutions in any field of Thai Law. When? At any time and in any circumstances you need legal assistance and protection.

Lawyer Thailand Pattaya - Attorney  at Law Thailand
English Speaking Lawyers Pattaya Bangkok all Provinces
 International Law Office Thailand
Registered with the Lawyers' Council of Thailand

Listed by 
British Embassy Bangkok 
 Extreme Emergency only call: From Thailand: +66(0)2 305 8333. From the UK: 020 7008 1500.  

Ambassade de France Bangkok Ambassade de France en ThailandeT
En cas d’extrême urgence depuis la Thaïlande : 081 994 49 01 depuis la France : 00 66 81 994 49 01

Ambasciata d'Italia Bangkok Ambasciata Italiana Bangkok Thailandia
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+66 2 118 7100 (0830 - 1630 hrs, Monday to Friday)

Netherlands Embassy Bangkok Netherlands Embassy Bangkok Lawyer Thailand

Embaisada de Portugal na Thailandia Portuguese Embassy Bangkok Lawyer Thailand

Engish speaking attorney at law

The United Kingdom Embassy Bangkok
 Extreme Emergency only call: From Thailand: +66(0)2 305 8333. From the UK: 020 7008 1500.  

We offer help and protection in relation to all aspects of the Thai law with particular emphasis on the assistance of foreign nationals in Thailand

Lawyer Thailand Pattaya

Internationa Law Firm pattaya Thailand

The aim of our lawyers in Pattaya operating in all Thai provinces is to quickly resolve all problems with minimum cost & maximum efficiency.

Our legal services include:

 Criminal Cases

Civil Cases 
Assistance in Case of Arrest 

 Inheritance Assignment 
 Executor Nomination 
 Last Will Drawing-Up 

 Company Formation 
 Company Balance Sheet

 Real Estate Registration 
 Pre-Marriage (Prenuptial) Agreement 
Divorce Lawyer Pattaya Thailand
Divorce Agreement
 Divorce Litigations

 Marriage Contract Prenutial
 Marriage Registration 
 Child Custody 
Extrajudicial Agreement 
Business Consulting 
 Investment Consulting 

 Contracts (all kind)
 Sale-Purchase Contracts 
 Lease Contracts 
 Loan Contracts 
 Notary Service

 Legal Interpreter Service
(with Official Interpreter Appointed by The Pattaya Provincial Court of Justice)


Where we operate:

 The Head Office of The Social Lawyers is located in Pattaya
(where we receive by appointment only, please
see the link CONTACTS/ADDRESS)
However, our legal team and our expert criminal, civil and family lawyers
Operate everywhere 
across the country. 
Furthermore with our NEW legal service of  
you can obtain assistance and legal help even if you are not in Thailand.

Family Lawyer Pattaya Bangkok and All Provinces
(Chonburi Family Court Thailand)

Legal help in Pattaya, Thailand
 Thai law

A court case needs competence, experience and full comprehension Experienced Lawyer with Court Interpreter
Dr. Carlo Filippo Ciambrelli

International Lawyer Thailand Pattaya

Michel Phonwisut Ciambrelli
Legal Adviser

intellectual property law specialist

Parisa Patamanate
Legal Adviser - University Lecturer 
Specialised in Intellectual Property Law

 Lawyer Pattaya - Bangkok - Udon Thani - Koh Chang

For Criminal and Family Law Cases 
We cover any provinces 

A Law Lesson

Dr. Carlo Filippo Ciambrelli giving a Lecture at the Mahidol International College Thailand  

Our Law Office is in Pattaya, but our experienced, professional lawyers cover any regions in Thailand, providing our clients with competent attorneys in Bangkok, legal assistance in Rayong, Chonburi, Esaan, furbishing legal help and protection everywhere in Thailand. Our lawyers in Thailand cover the whole national territory.

 How we work? Professionality and clear fees. No surprises.
Our professional lawyers will analyze the legal issue related to your case, and tell you what the minimum cost, all included, will be. No surprises!
Our competent lawyer will provide professional and practical legal assistance, with experience, reliability and trust. Our legal Team in Thailand will explain any angles concerning the requested legal matter in your native language.
Whatever your choice will be, we strongly suggest trusting an Embassy-listed attorney in Thailand, preferably. Choosing a law firm in Thailand, listed or referred by an Embassy or, at least by a reliable international organization, is often a necessary credential. You should always demand your Thai lawyer to explain the entire legal scenario, in simple, clear terms, and in your language. The patronage of English as "the first language", and a profound understanding with your legal team in Thailand is of paramount importance in legal matters. Ask what the Thai laws governing the specific issues are and how you should act together with your lawyer in Thailand. Ask the time necessary to reach your goal and what the costs for the required legal assistance in Pattaya, Bangkok or any other Thai locality would be. You can also ask what the chances to achieve positive results are. In this way, you can freely decide whether to appoint for the case a law firm in Pattaya or anywhere else in Thailand.
Our legal consultancy in Thailand is protected by the privilege lawyer-client (professional secret). Our Thai lawyers in Bangkok, Pattaya, Udon Thani, Rayong, Trat or anywhere as in the rest of Thailand, are assisted by an official court-legal-interpreter speaking English as "first language"

Arrest assistance: 
Our Pattaya Lawyer can provide prompt assistance in case of arrest by the Thai Police, te Immigration Force or the DSI (Department of Special Invesigations*). 

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI)
The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) is a section of the Ministry of Justice of Thailand. It operates autonomously from the Royal Thai Police. It investigates critical or "special” cases. These include complex criminal cases, in particular, those affecting national security, those involving organised illegal organisations, and those potentially involving high-ranking government officials or police officers.

In case of a severe accident, our law firm in Thailand provides legal surveillance and assistance guaranteeing direct liaison with your embassy and family. We also seek the best way to obtain satisfactory compensation for the damages.

Everybody is equal before the law but...

Civil and Criminal Lawyer Thailand


Real estate lawyer Pattaya Thailand: condominiums, land, houses and other registered property in Pattaya and around Thailand. We provide full assistance, starting from drawing up a proper contract, and assisting you at the Land Office. We will ensure the land, condo or house that you wish to buy will be correctly transferred in your name or the name of your company. Our real estate lawyers Pattaya, Thailand also specialize in formalities regarding real estate regulations, buying and selling property, real estate registration, 30-year leasing registration, and in general in solving problems and finding appropriate solutions. We are also available for a correct property evaluation and, most important, property repossession (as getting back properties purchased in Thai name).

A company formation in Thailand or a company set-up is also a delicate matter, especially when foreign shareholders are involved. A foreign shareholder needs to be protected and guaranteed, from scams and frauds, which are always lurking behind the corner!

Pattaya lawyer website is part of The Social Lawyers Company of Ciambrelli & Co. It is a Pattaya law firm composed by lawyers listed at the British Embassy, the Italian Embassy, the Australian Embassy, and the French Embassy (Agréé par l'Ambassade de France) in Bangkok. To find the best way to solve any legal problems.

We use the professional help of Thai and foreign lawyers working together. In case of litigation in Pattaya and legal issues in Thailand, we warmly suggest avoiding the "do it yourself" or, even worse, barstool consultancy! Thai Civil and criminal laws have been conceived to solve problems and to protect your rights in a relatively short time.

Regarding further legal services in Thailand, our lawyer in Pattaya is also available to draw up testament and last will, documents, contracts, power of attorney and notary services. For property law, you can use our experience in land sale and purchase, general investments, consulting and investing in Thailand advice.

Regarding Family Law in Thailand, we can prepare a proper marriage agreement to minimize future problems and the related costs, especially in the case of divorce in Thailand. With the assistance of our Pattaya lawyer, court mediator and a professional court- interpreter, even the most difficult divorce-cases can be solved with the satisfaction of all parties, in a short time. In fact, in most cases, family litigations and requests of divorce in Thailand are hindered by the language barrier, the difficulty to communicate appropriately, and the lack of knowledge of the laws concerning family business and chid guard. Our divorce lawyer in Thailand will guide you through all aspects of the Thai Family Law and Thai Civil Law. The lawyer will explain to you and your counterpart what the procedures will be. He will emphasize how it could be in the mutual interest finding an agreement rather than initiate a long, stressing, uncertain legal-battle. Legal battles are unsure by definition, and no one, not even the most skilled lawyer in the world, can guarantee a victory, especially when there are children involved. Opportunely, the Thai Legal System always urges the parties to try finding an amicable compromise before the inception of any trials. We call such stage the "Mediation Phase", an essential and peculiar aspect of the Thai Legal System.
Remember that before divorcing is important to know and understand the Thai law concerning child custody. Before marring, it might help to be aware of the rules concerning the adoption of Thai children by foreign nationals.
A prenuptial agreement can save your life. A pre-marriage contract can effectively regulate future nasty disputes. Our law firm specializes in drawing prenuptial agreement guiding the future spouses through the labyrinth of the marriage and divorce law in Thailand.

Our Thai International Law Office also specializes in inheritance (heritage) issues and instances, executor nomination, inheritance acquisition and inheritance litigation.


 Indeed, the first step should be the identification of the right counseller, a trustful lawyer in Thailand, possibly known and recommended by your embassy, as our Pattaya-based law firm, The Social Lawyers, operating in all national provinces. To whom this approach could be applied, and who could benefit from it? We believe that priority should be given to guarantee to all clients the right to receive comprehensive, evidence-based professional information on the status of their cases, together with prompt and appropriate legal counselling and support, apposite to their ensuing and achieve the best results.
We are continually working to make the Social Lawyers Pattaya Lawyer Thailand website an efficient tool to orientate among the labyrinth of the Thai Laws and regulations.  

We are continually working to make the Social Lawyers Pattaya Lawyer Thailand website an efficient tool to orientate among the labyrinth of the Thai Laws and regulations.

Browse the section of your interest, ex: Divorce Lawyer Thailand Pattaya or Inheritance in Thailand or any other link related to the subject of your interest.
Look for a "call to action" usually on the top of the page. That would be a "first aid", a way to guide the visitor to orientate himself and to understand what he/she shall do.
Prepare a concise summary of the issue and email it to us.
In alternative call us for an appointment specifying the subject of your interest (ex. Family law in Thailand, Child Custody in Thailand, how to draw up a Last Will in Thailand, how to acquire a heritage, inheritance in Thailand, what to do in case of arrest in Thailand, how to set up a company in Pattaya, Thailand, how to divorce n Thailand etc.)
Always remember to bring and show us any documents you may have. For instance, in case you wish to divorce in Thailand, we need to see the marriage certificate registered in Thailand; in case you want to buy a property in Thailand, we want to see the full documentation including the Thai title deed; if you need to take possession of heritage, inheritance in Thailand or Pattaya, see the list of necessary documents in the page Executor Nomination or Inheritance in Thailand, and so on.



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